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A healthy Social Media Presence involves a variety of content that is generated and published on a frequent basis to all online platforms while simultaneously exposing these channels to growing audiences.


Why use Social Media?

Businesses today require instant communication with their market to maintain a competitive performance. Using social tools like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be able to speak directly to your audience in real time, determine key consumer demographics, aid your decision making process and cast a wide reach with your marketing campaigns.

How can I successfully use my Social Media?

The first step to a successful Social Media experience involves formulating a strategy that adheres to a set of activities with a specific  goal in mind. These activities need to match the viewing habits of the targeted demographic as well as take into account the demographic’s preference for content.


It’s been Facebook’s main priority to make sure that user’s data is kept safe and that only the most relevant content is seen by the right people. 


Using Instagram successfully is about delivering engaging content that results in likes, comments, tags and ultimately traffic. 


Twitter is a used as a search engine for conversations. You can see what your customers are saying about you and your competitors.


The social media of choice for professionals, Linkedin has been rapidly growing in popularity due to its refined user base and and B2B advertising.

Our Services

We provide social media management services to brands, artists and professionals who need specialised attention to their social platforms. Our straight forward process accurately reflects your brand values and offers valuable insight that leads to more informed decisions.

Your Customers on Social

We figure out where your customers spend their time when on social media and what type of content they search for and engage with to develop an awesome social media and content strategy.

Tailored Content

We create content about your brand that your users are likely to engage with in the form of images, video and audio based off of your customers preferences for content. 

Publish and Report

We use industry leading tools to publish your tailored content to 5 or more social media platforms and create analytical reports based on your users engagement with your tailored content and other touch points.

Engage with your Community

We respond to messages on your social media on your behalf as well as capture key conversations that are shared with your designated managers.

Time to get social

We’re ready to start when you are, but we need some details before we can continue! Fill in our application form to begin the process of managing your Social Media with The DMC.

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