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We create and manage your site

Every business needs a spot on the web for their customers to find them. With a website, your business will have access to 1000’s of visitors and valuable analytics that aid in decision making.

We develop & coordinate social media campaigns

Your brand’s social platforms are populated daily with relevant and engaging content, giving your customers a fresh look at your brand and easy ways for them to reach out to you and engage with your offers.



We conduct email marketing campaigns

People who become subscribers are interested in what you offer and react quickly to compelling promotions and incentives. We send your subscribers attractive emails and use automation to aid them in their customer journey.


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We advertise your brand online

We create and manage pay per click campaigns over Google’s search and display network as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We create content about your brand

We use different mediums to create content about your brand.
We use this content on your website, social media and email marketing campaigns.


Copy for Web & Social

We write compelling text that is easy to understand and results in valuable actions from your readers.

Audio & Podcasts

We use the power of audio to add new dimensions to your brand through music, sonic logos and Podcasts.

Photo & Video Production

We develop unique content about your brand. We then edit and compile this content using the Adobe Suite. 

Graphic Design

We create artwork for brands to use on their sites, in their promotional material as well as social content. 

Knowledge Through Analytics

Knowing your audience is key to making the right decisions. Our processes incorporate collecting relevant data and synthesising it into meaningful information.

Frequency & Engagement

We keep your users engaged with content that is frequently published to your social platforms to keep your brand front-of-mind and relevant.

Planning for the Future

We pave the way for your brand by determining key trends and laying out a plan that corresponds with upcoming events, making the future a little more predictable .

Enabling Workforces

Digital Marketing works better when the entire team knows how to operate in conjunction with a digital strategy. That’s why we place great importance on educating brands and their teams towards a more enabled future.




“Until we hired The DMC, we only had a Facebook Page. Now, we have a whole community that supports us in what we do best!”

 – 180 Degrees Catering and Confectionery


“The Digital Marketing Collaboration were efficient at meeting our requirements to create an online identity that captures the values of our work, creative style and professional saviness.”  

– Koen & Associates Architecture


“Professional service to get an SME business online with providing a facility for customers to make easy and secure purchases in the most user-friendly way! Highly recommended!”

 – MATI Traders


“The DMC is fantastic to work with – extremely knowledgeable about all things digital and able to give succinct advice and guidance. I would highly recommend working with The DMC.”

– Louisa Maidwell PR


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Web audit about your brand

Presentation & recommendations

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